"We are at the very beginning of time for the human race. Our responsibility is do what we can, learn what we can, improve the solutions and pass them on.”
-Richard Feynman


After the last year’s renaissance, Techkriti is striking back with vengeance, in its very first green avatar, to redefine the technology which will transform the future of the commons. The four day fiesta of Techkriti which celebrates the zenith of science, engineering and path-breaking technology in a landscape of greener tomorrow is coming to exhilarate and excite the young minds with a paragon opportunity to showcase their talent and evince their ideas which may lay the groundwork for the next cutting edge technology.


In its first emission-free edition, Techkriti is felicitating the technology for the future. From workshops and guest lectures on the one hand to debates, quizzes and professional shows on the other, Techkriti’12 is playing host to a gamut of activities which challenges the brightest minds in the country to push their capacity to ideate, drive their hunger to innovate and challenge their potential to create like never before. Techkriti’12 is all set to make you tingle your grey cells and touch new horizons of ingenuity and innovation. Be it the wondrous competitions that incite sparks of passion, or the thought provoking addresses that set you thinking, or, quite simply, a personal Eureka moment amidst the deluge of ideas all around - the Techkriti has it all. So, come this January and be a part of the technical Extravaganza, Techkriti-Transforming Technology, at IIT Kanpur.